How to Give the Perfect Gift


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We believe that as long as you put care and love into a gift, it's the thought that counts. However, there's nothing wrong with wanting to find the perfect gift that you just know they'll love. That's why we compiled our best gift giving tips to help you give the perfect present for any occasion. Gift giving is a love language, after all - and anyone can learn to speak it.


Before you dive in to the process of selecting the perfect gift, consider whether a gift is appropriate for the occasion. For the most part, there aren't many occasions where giving a gift isn't okay. We don't think anyone will be upset if you give them a present outside of the standard gift-giving occasions (like birthdays, weddings, graduations, and holidays where gifts are part of the norm, like Mother's Day or Christmas). Who doesn't love a "just because" gift? However, you should think about both the occasion and your relationship with the person before going any further. For example, you probably don't need to give a gift to a coworker who just got promoted - a simple congratulations should suffice.


Okay, so you're ready to pick out a gift. But where to start? How much should you spend? How do you find something they'll actually like? We have answers to all those questions and more - read on for our top gift giving tips.

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The most important piece of gift giving advice we have is this: don't make it about you. Remember that gift giving is about the recipient. While these tips are intended to help you give the perfect present, the point is to ensure you give something the recipient will love - not necessarily something you would love or something that just makes you look good. A common mistake people make is thinking that if they like something, other people must like it, too. Chances are, you aren't going to magically convince someone they love reading just because you gift them an e-reader. It's also more important to consider their tastes and preferences than to splash out on an expensive present (that you think will make you look like a great gift giver) that will just get tucked away.


Speaking of their preferences, it's vital to think about the things they like (and dislike) when it comes to gifts. Pay attention to what they talk about or get passionate about! Maybe you know they refresh their home decor every season - they'd probably love a statement-making throw pillow (one they won't find at Target). Or perhaps they wind down in the evenings with a good book and a cup of tea; a unique bookmark, a cute teacup, or a gift set of interesting tea flavors would be right up their alley. A thoughtful gift goes a long way in showing you care about them as an individual.


Giving a gift that directly relates to the recipient's interests is always a great choice, but a sentimental gift can be impactful, too. In fact, some research indicates that "recipients actually prefer sentimental gifts that remind them of special events and relationships." Keepsake gifts, like a picture frame to display a favorite wedding photo, will be cherished for years to come.


The best gift givers maintain a list of potential gifts for their loved ones year-round (not just in the weeks leading up to a special occasion). Every time someone mentions an item they'd love to have, or whenever the gift giver comes across a particularly excellent gift idea, it goes on the list. You can keep your list in whatever way best suits you: make a note on your phone, dedicate a few pages in a notebook, or create a Pinterest board. However you choose to make your list, know that it will be worth it when their next birthday rolls around and you need to figure out what to give them.

Additionally, while keeping an ongoing list of gift ideas makes it easier on you as the gift giver, it also helps you to avoid asking them what they want. When possible, we recommend steering clear of asking the recipient for gift ideas, as that puts the onus on them to figure out their own gifts. Instead, take note of what they enjoy and appreciate throughout the year so you can give a truly meaningful gift.


Now that you've picked out the perfect gift, it's time to wrap it up and tie it with a bow. Perhaps even more importantly, it's time to write your enclosure card. Regardless of whether you're giving a gift in person or sending one by mail, you should always include a thoughtful card with your gift. This is your chance to connect with the recipient. A short but meaningful note is the best way to let them know why you picked out this gift just for them.

Writing An Enclosure Card For A Gift