How Gifting Brings Us Together


Enclosure Card Sally_How Gifting Brings Us Together

Feeling connected. Building trust. Belonging to a community. Each of these is a core psychological need for humans. We crave the company of others - we're a social species! We're also a very spread out species. Your nearest and dearest could live just down the street, across the country, or on the other side of the world. While being together with our loved ones in person is always ideal, sometimes it isn't possible. Other times, catching up over a coffee just isn't enough. That's why, when we can't be together or when casual chit-chat feels inadequate, we turn to other ways to cultivate connections.

How Gifting Brings People TogetherIt is our deeply held belief that a thoughtful gift can strengthen relationships and leave a lasting impression. Gift giving is truly a love language and a meaningful gift is the perfect way to bring your emotions to life. A gift can be many things - a handwritten note, a meaningful memory, a way to mark the moment. But what each of these has in common is how they make us feel.

Think about how you felt when you received a handwritten thank you note or a well-thought out gift. Happy? Comforted? Loved? Appreciated? Well, research shows that both receiving and giving have a real, positive impact on our physical, emotional and social health. When we show gratitude to others, it activates areas of the brain related to pleasure, social connection, and trust. This means sending a personalized note or marking the moment with a thoughtful gift actually boosts happiness - for both the sender and receiver.

We've made it our mission to make gift giving a joyous experience for everyone so you can celebrate life's treasured moments with ease. Our team believes that giving and receiving any gift, large or small, can be a truly amazing experience.